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All contributions are powered by inhouse developed UPI Payment Gateway & accounted under the name of the contributor. All contributors get's free access to UPI Payment Gateway & Amaze Pay to try the features & functionalities throughout the development process as a contribution reward. The funds raised will be used to develop the payments platform that will redefine digital payment's ecosystem.

Let's make a "no greed" payment gateway

Today the world of digital payments is suffering from the disease of corporate greed. Big corporates surfacing with the promise to revolutionize digital payments, add value to businesses & make payments delightful for customers. In reality, they build cutting edge technology products & solutions to attract individuals & businesses only to freeze settlement amount of the merchant by giving false & unrealistic allegations. In the end it's the merchant's who are loosing their hard earned money & it's the payment processors, payment gateway companies & banks, that are making billions!!

Thus WOW PHP PROJECTS feels, that it's high time to join forces, resources, skills, expertise, time & money to build a payment processing platform that is built & operated by the merchant's for the merchants.

Contributions made to this campaign is voluntary & non refundable. The funds will be used to achieve the goal of the campaign.

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